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The Renesas Electronics V850 is a 32-bit RISC CPU core architecture for embedded microcontrollers originally developed and manufactured by NEC, succeeded by V850 variants named V850ES, V850E, and V850E2 which run uClinux. Compilers available for it include the GNU Compiler Collection, IAR Systems and Green Hills' compiler, and Wind River Systems' Diab Compiler. There is a freeware V850 plugin[1] for IDA Pro disassembler. Support for V850 was removed in the 2.6.27 Linux kernel.[2]


V850 core was used in many DVD Drives manufactured by NEC and then Optiarc. The processor was also used in hard disk drives manufactured by Quantum Corporation. Current V850 (as of 2013) lineup covers mainly automotive applications as well as connectivity and motor-control specific MCUs. V850 was used in automotive industry comprehensively.

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